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Social Media Marketer,
Media & Instructional Designer/Producer,
Author, and Speaker



Sara Ann Raciti (aka Sara Francis)


Just a girl with a great passion for all things media. I put my best effort into everything I do. I love to help organizations find their niche in the media world and assist them in building their brand through social marketing and design.


I also love bringing the love of writing and reading back to the youth through my books and services. Music is another channel I use to inspire the world.


Finally, my ultimate desire is to help others achieve their dreams and become the best that they were created to be.



Wanting to expose truth, Sara Ann Raciti (aka Sara Francis) will share this purpose with the world using the media industry. A talented young professional, she is determined to light a torch in the darkness with the desire that people will do the same and make the world bright again.



In short, I am a Media Communicator. I am well rounded in all aspects of media and have great insight and experience in the fields of public relations, social media marketing, branding, customer engagement, design, production, and more.


With prior teaching experience and an MS in Instructional Design and Technology, I am dedicated to making every learning experience unique, engaging, and impactful.


Ever since I could hold a pencil I was designing. I created my first logo when I was 8 years old. Since then, I have progressed into doing logo and brand design, photo editing, CMS Web Design, character design, book illustrations, and digital/traditional drawing.


NOTE: More visual artwork can be found within the client projects.


For me, being an author isn’t only about writing books. Along with published novels, I also have (over five years of) experience writing and editing articles, blog posts, presentations, curriculum, and whatever content an organization needs.

NOTE: Links lead to external websites.



Music has been a big part of my life. I have been performing in concerts and bands before I was ten. Along with playing many instruments, I also have knowledge of music theory, song writing, and audio recording. I also teach music theory, guitar, piano, drums, and harp.



When I say leader, I mean teacher, counselor, speakerinstructor, and youth leader. I have experience:

  • leading/organizing retreats;

  • writing and implementing lesson plans for Grades 1-8;

  • writing and implementing inspirational/educational talks;

  • writing and implementing workshops;

  • creating agendas;

  • running meetings;

  • organizing and managing charity events;

  • and directing drama productions.

(For more info about my experience as a leader, check out my résumé.)


My drama students and me after our 2018 performance.



Kacey, Radio DJ at WHUD


Sara is a dependable asset and a joy to work with. Smart and creative, Sara doesn't back down from a challenge and she just makes things better.


via contact form or email: info@sara-francis.com

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