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eLearning Game


eLearning Game

TARGET AUDIENCE: 12th-grade students in psychology class who have trouble finding confidence in themselves.


ABOUT: Learners are playing as a student who is about to take the most important test of their life: the Commencement Test. This test determines whether or not they nail a good job and get to live on their own.

However, the test starts the moment they wake up. Learners will have to make the right choices from the beginning in order to pass the test.


LEARNING OBJECTIVE: After finishing the game, students will identify how small decisions affect a larger outcome and recognize the importance of self-care and mental awareness.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: After playing the game, students will be more cognizant of their daily decision making, will understand the importance of a healthy morning routine and the importance of mental health and finally students will recognize that each choice they make can affect their entire life.

My Roles: Instructional Designer, Writer/Editor, Graphic Designer, Prototype Developer

Instructional Video

"How to Fold a Paper Crane"

Instructional Video

TARGET AUDIENCE: 8th-grade students who are interested in a new form of art that is a simple concept to grasp.


ABOUT: This video was created for students to be an easy to follow tutorial and brief art history lesson.   


LEARNING OBJECTIVE: After watching the video, learners should be able to fold an origami crane and have a basic understanding of origami.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: After viewing the video, learners will create an origami representation of a paper crane.

My Roles: Instructional Designer, Writer/Editor, Voice over, Camera/Light operator, Video Editor

Nutrition Education Course

"Know More, Gain Less"

Nutrition Education Course

TARGET AUDIENCE: This program is geared towards men and women working at least 40 hours a week in a fast-paced corporate media environment. Individuals within our target audience are parents ages 25-45 with at least two children. However, these parents rarely have time to care for themselves but want to do something to improve their health. 


ABOUT: The goal for this course is to educate learners on how the human body works and how to create a plan that will benefit their dietary needs.  


LEARNING OBJECTIVE: 1) Learners will engage in written work and activities focusing on the topic of the human body’s anatomical structure regarding digestion. 2) Learners will participate in hands-on activities that help them understand their personal needs and how to develop a plan to match them.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the training, learners will recognize the importance of a healthy diet and be able to improve their eating habits by

a) having an understanding of how the human body works anatomically regarding digestion and how food affects it (good and bad)

b) understanding how to create a personalized nutritional plan that will benefit their needs and improve their health

Planning Document

"Know More, Gain Less"

Nutrition Education Program:

Planning Document (2019)

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Video Asset

My Roles: Instructional Designer, Writer/Editor, Voice over, Graphic designer, Video Editor

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