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My name is Sara Ann Raciti (known to the internet and readers as Sara Francis).  I am a graduate of Full Sail University with a BS in Media Communications and an MS in Instructional Technology and Design.


If I had to be described in one sentence, it would be "Jack of all trades".  When people first look at the saying, they think it is a negative thing. However, not many know the rest of it:

“Jack of all trades, master of none. But oftentimes better than a master of one.”


Being that that is my motto, I have skills in many different areas. Mostly, I am a Media Communicator. However, for me, being a Media Communicator means so much more.


I am an Author, a Visual Artist, Musician, and a Leader.

As an Author, I have self-published novels, poetry books, and children's books. I also am the founder of the indie press SF Publishing where we provide writing services, workshops, signings, presentations, and more. In addition to writing novels, I also write various content for my clients/employers.


For my Visual Art, I do digital/traditional drawing, marketing material design, social media content, video editing, illustration, and more.


As a Musician, I perform at events, compose music, and give lessons. I play multiple instruments and sing.


Being a Leader means so much more for me. I am a teacher for various subjects, a speaker, event and club organizer, business owner, and more. Me being an Instructional Designer also falls under this category. I have the skills and knowhow to tackle any learning project and can lead with efficiency. 

As an individual, I am very personable and not afraid of a challenge. I work with great determination and do my very best every time. If I hit an obstacle, I stay calm and figure out a way to get around it. I am a great team player, can handle criticism and advice, and am always ready to learn new things. I am also very organized, can manage time, multi-task, and pay close attention to detail.


In the end, I love what I do.

On top of publishing books and running an indie press, I teach media/visual arts, music, drama, and English/writing at a private school, St. Therese Classical Academy. I also work in media and marketing for a Catholic media company, Array of Hope. I also provide freelancing services such as video editing, graphic design, copy writing, etc. With my indie press, I provide writing workshops, inspirational presentations, author signings, and more.

Even with all this, my heart is in teaching.


After my Master's program and time in the field, my goal is to teach media and visual arts full time in a college or university. The gift of education and encouragement is what I want to give to students. I want to be able to help them achieve their dreams and become the best that they were created to be.

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