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My name is Sara Ann Raciti (known to the internet and readers as Sara Francis).  I am a graduate of Full Sail University with a BS in Media Communications and an MS in Instructional Technology and Design.


If I had to be described in one sentence, it would be "Jack of all trades".  When people first look at the saying, they think it is a negative thing. However, not many know the rest of it:

“Jack of all trades, master of none. But oftentimes better than a master of one.”



Being that that is my motto, I have skills in many different areas. Mostly, I am a Media Communicator. However, for me, being a Media Communicator means so much more.


I am an Author, a Visual Artist, Musician, and a Leader.

As an Author, I have self-published novels, poetry books, and children's books. I also am the founder of the indie press SF Publishing & Media where we provide writing services, workshops, signings, presentations, and more as well as media design. In addition to writing novels, I also write various content for my clients/employers.


For my Visual Art, I do digital/traditional drawing, marketing material design, social media content, video editing, illustration, and more.


As a Musician, I perform at events, compose music, and give lessons. I play multiple instruments and sing.


Being a Leader means so much more for me. I am a teacher for various subjects, a speaker, event and club organizer, business owner, and more. Me being an Instructional Designer also falls under this category. I have the skills and knowhow to tackle any learning project and can lead with efficiency. 

As an individual, I am very personable and not afraid of a challenge. I work with great determination and do my very best every time. If I hit an obstacle, I stay calm and figure out a way to get around it. I am a great team player, can handle criticism and advice, and am always ready to learn new things. I am also very organized, can manage time, multi-task, and pay close attention to detail.


In the end, I love what I do.

I am a great asset for indie authors and businesses as well as non-profits. I know how to make your work shine and become the best it can be. Through SF Publishing & Media, I provide freelancing services such as video editing, graphic design, copy writing, book formatting, cover design, and more. On the author side of things, I provide writing workshops, inspirational presentations, author signings, and more. I can do a little bit of everything, so please reach out and ask what I can to do help you!

With my work, I hope to light a torch in the darkness and encourage others to do the same, making the world bright again.

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© 2020 Sara Ann Francis Raciti

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