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Sara Ann Raciti (aka Sara Francis)


Just a girl with a great passion for all things media. I put my best effort into everything I do. I love to help organizations find their niche in the media world and assist them in building their brand through marketing, visual art, social media and more.


I also love bringing the love of writing and reading back to the youth through my books and services. Music is another channel I use to inspire the world.


Finally, my ultimate desire is to lead and continue to offer the gift of education and encouragement. I want to be able to help others achieve their dreams and become the best that they were created to be.


Wanting to expose truth, Sara Ann Raciti (aka Sara Francis) will share this purpose with the world using the media industry. A talented media communicator, writer, musician, and leader, she is determined to light a torch in the darkness with the desire that people will do the same and make the world bright again.



With prior teaching experience and an MS in Instructional Design and Technology, I am dedicated to making every learning experience unique, engaging, and impactful.


In short, I am a Media Communicator. I am well rounded in all aspects of media and have great insight and experience in the fields of marketing, public relations, social media managing, branding, customer engagement,  and more.


Kacey, Radio DJ at WHUD


Sara is a dependable asset and a joy to work with. Smart and creative, Sara doesn't back down from a challenge and she just makes things better.

Employer (Anonymous due to company policies)

Sara Raciti is an exceptional employee who understands the tasks she is given and goes above and beyond to produce that.  She is also very dependable and reliable and always takes it to the next level.  I was very impressed about how quickly she learned the job and the results were flawless!!

Roxanne De Leon, Full Sail

University  (Instructor)

Working with Sara I observed her build on proficiencies, through the creative projects submitted. She is dynamic and determined to grow and learn. During her time in Portfolio class with me she was awarded a Course Director Award.

Emily Wray, Full Sail

University  (Instructor)

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Sara in several courses ... Sara has proven to be a diligent student with an endless drive to refine her craft. She is a multi-talented communicator who readily seeks and incorporates feedback for the betterment of her work. Sara demonstrates a great eagerness to learn and leverages her skills in the pursuit of both personal and professional goals.

Peter Mango, PhD, MLIS,

Carmelite Inc (Client)

Among other things, Sara Raciti has brought the following to our operation: gratitude for the work; a willingness to work; an in-depth grasp of workplace mission; efficiency and overall professionalism; a capacity to work as a team player; an aptitude for learning new skills, both when called upon; a competency for handlings numbers; and an eye for graphic design. 

Mario Costabile, Array of Hope  (Employer)

[Sara] has become a very valued team member with skills in many different areas… She is creative and diligent in working within a schedule that releases content daily. She is very proficient on many of the Adobe suites and applications… She is responsible, hardworking, and reliable. Sara is a very special person and always pleasant and a joy to be around.

Anne DeSantis,

Positive Side, Nonnatus Foundation, Actor/Model (Client)

Sara Francis is a true woman of integrity and cares about the work she does and the people she serves.  Not only does she offer excellent work and media and websites, but she does this at a reasonable price which makes a difference for all of us.


I can't say enough good about Sara both on a personal level end and any outstanding work that she does for businesses and individuals. I personally invite you to contact me if you have any questions about her work. I have no doubt that you will be happy! 



via contact form or email: info@sara-francis.com

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