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2019 - Present


LEGOLAND New York Resort is the ultimate LEGO® theme-park destination geared for kids ages 2-12 and their families. As the social media manager, I handle the social media content production for all of their channels. I manage the profiles and develop content calendars and marketing plans. I manage all Influencer Relations and assist in all PR led efforts. I ensure brand consistency across the digital platforms and produce other internal and external design products. I collaborate with brands, agencies, and creatives to produce coherent campaigns with a compelling design that meet our marketing objectives and solve business problems. Finally, I upkeep the blog and edit the CMS website when needed. 

Click the photo below for my LEGOLAND Parks focused portfolio.

For a more detailed description of my experience with the company, check out my resume

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NOTE: All content was done as a "Work for Hire". All rights belong to LEGOLAND New York Resort.

2018 - 2021


ARRAY OF HOPE is a Catholic media ministry that provides family-friendly concerts, events, and retreats as well as social media content, videos, documentaries, and more. With this organization, I have done a variety of different things:

  • Visual Content Creation (Continuous Freelance 2021)

    • Social media content (graphics)

    • Style guides and marketing materials

    • Product design

    • Talking head for various videos

  • Written Content

    • Video scripts (copy)

    • Transcriptions

    • Blogs and other written content.

  • Events

    • Assist in event planning

    • Run visuals at live events

    • Set up/tear down of equipment

  • Marketing


Check out some of my work for AOH below!

NOTE: All content was done as a "Work for Hire". All rights belong to ARRAY OF HOPE

Array of Hope


Typewrite Press

Typewrite Press is an indie publishing company owned by author H.L. Roethle. I re-formatted Roethle's novel, The Malleville Conspiracy, to eBook parameters.

Check out the eBook link here.

TMC_eBook Cover Photo.jpg


G. Walker Base Camp

G  Walker Base Camp is the starting point for sport, hobby, exercise, adventure, fun and fresh air. I designed their website and patch.

2013 - 2020


SAINT THERESE CLASSICAL ACADEMY (STCA) is a liberal and fine arts school for children in grades 1 - 12. They provide high education that brings out the best in their students. They teach their children how to think, not what to think.


For STCA, I taught different classes for each grade level: Art (grades 1-3), Music (grades 5-12), Drama (all grades), and offer music lessons and writing workshops (all grades). I also assist other teachers with their classes and write my own curriculum.


I also am the marketing and social media manager and the assistant event coordinator. I create marketing materials, their social media content, videos, and more. I also designed their website ( At their fundraisers, shows, and benefits, I assist in organization, set-up, direction, clean up, etc.

NOTE: All content was done as a "Work for Hire". All rights belong to SAINT THERESE CLASSICAL ACADEMY

SF Publishing


SF PUBLISHING is an independent, publishing imprint that offers high quality, meaningful literature and writing services to give teens and young adults a love for goodness and the written word.


I am the founder, designer, formatter, writer, marketer, and more for this imprint. I do everything from write the books to book the events. Take a look at some examples of my media below.

Check out some of my work for SF Publishing below!

NOTE: All content belongs to me and SF PUBLISHING. All rights reserved.

Nonnatus Foundation
Carmelite Friars, INC



ST. RAYMOND NONNATUS FOUNDATION is a religious group that desires to promote family life, according to Catholic moral principles, under the patronage of St. Raymond Nonnatus. 

For the foundation, I redesigned their entire website from top to bottom. I also provide monthly website updates whenever they need them. Below is the before and after of the site: