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You Are Never Forgotten (Good Friday 2020)

“He loved his own in the world and He loved them to the end.” – John 13:1

This will forever be my Good Friday reflection. Because, wow. This brief verse is sometimes overlooked. I don’t think we understand the magnitude of Christ’s love for us. We are His own in the world. He loves us to the end. Try to fathom that. Despite how many times we’ve sinned, blasphemed against, and betrayed Him, we are still loved and seen as His priceless sons and daughters. Jesus gave up everything for you and me. He held nothing back. Why do we do the opposite?

Today is Good Friday. At 3:00pm, Christ drew His last breath and thought of you. Yes, you. He thought of you individually. All the suffering, the pain, the humiliation, was for you. These days of social distancing have been dark. We may feel alone. Depressed. Christ experienced all of that and more. He knows what you’re going through. Hanging on the Cross, He suffered and died so you won’t have to. Reflect on that. Unite your pain and suffering to Christ on the Cross. Endure your burdens with Him, and He will make them lighter.


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