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My Career Begins to Bloom

I started working at LEGOLAND New York Resort on March 26, 2019, a month after graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Media Communications. The first campaign I assisted with as their social media producer was the “1st to Play” pass launch. Finally, after a pandemic, we were able to welcome those pass holders into the park on May 20, 2021.

But this journey is only beginning.

My first large paid media campaign was the promotion of the 1st to Play Pass for LEGOLAND New York Resort which gave pass holders the option of an exclusive preview day event. I assisted with the launch on April 4, 2019. My first tasks were to monitor social media, answer guests' inquiries, and assist with an event at the Oculus in New York City.

That event was the first major PR activation I took part in. I felt like such an adult getting my own hotel room and waking up at 5 am the next day to prepare to greet city news reporters. I was intimidated by the reporters’ rude attitudes as I tried to record a Facebook live, but it felt great to be a part of something so big. My job was to manage the Kid Reporters, record the live stream, and answer inquiries. Even though the presentation and stage equipment had some bugs, everything turned out “bricktastic” as we say. We unveiled one of the LEGO models that would be placed in Miniland. We sold out of those passes in company record time and many guests were eager to enter the park.

After a major pandemic, I was finally able to welcome those 1st to Play guests into LEGOLAND on May 20, 2021. It was an incredible feeling to walk through the park and see the smiling eyes of children who’ve been waiting for that moment. It made the challenges throughout worth it and I can’t wait to welcome them back!

I have so many stories and experiences from my years working at LEGOLAND. I plan to continue to share them here since it has been a critical part of my career as a Social Media Lead / Designer and life in general. I will be proud to put on my resume: "Opened a major branded outdoor theme park in the northeast (after decades) during a pandemic."


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