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THE MAINLAND is available now!

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! I have some wonderful news to share with you all:

THE MAINLAND has now been released!

That's right! Today is the official release day of the second book in THE TERRA TESTIMONIES trilogy! THE MAINLAND is now going to be shared with the world!

A bit about book 2:

For those of you who read THE ISLES, the ending was left off with the characters traveling from one location to the others. While they are on their way, Mark and his siblings share their stories about how they've become the most hated family in the world. They also give insight to how the earth fell into ruin and just exactly who the Invaders are and what they want. You finally learn Mark's "tale for another time" and all your questions will be answered.

You can purchase the book directly on Amazon! eBook or paperback*. Or fill out this form if you would like a signed copy.

For more info about THE MAINLAND visit its page on my website!

THE ISLES is still on sale!

If you haven't read book 1 yet, don't worry. The Black Friday sale for 50% off THE ISLES is still going on! The eBook was originally $5.99 but for a limited time it is $2.99! Get it while it lasts!

*Note: While the two versions currently have separate pages, they will link within the week.


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