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Book 2 of The Terra Testimonies



A runaway, a princess, and a thief have been separated at birth in a world that’s falling apart. Their entire lives have been an attempt to escape abduction while trying to survive and prevent the terror, chaos, and destruction happening around them… most of which they are responsible.



You’ve seen the Isles and know the Earth was destroyed, but how did it fall? Before the Isles existed, the earth was content. Nations appeared at peace on the surface, but worse things lay beneath. Strange and fatal events were happening, but no one admitted it. Adults went missing, children were abandoned, and chaos rose in every city. Despite all this, they were overlooked and the majority called them “accidents.” Only a few realized what they actually were.

They weren’t accidents, but acts of terror.

Shane, Aymie, and Mark Hodgins have been hunted since they were born. Separated at birth, the triplets have been struggling to survive. Shane is constantly on the run. Wherever he goes, death and sorrow only follow. Aymie lived the life of a princess until the riches she once loved were consumed by flames. Finally, the out of place brother: Mark. The Mark you know from the Isles is different from who he really was: a thief, a liar, and a convict.

The triplets didn’t think their lives could get any worse...until the rest of the world began to crumble beneath their feet.

Read the testimonies of Shane, Aymie, and Mark as they share it with the Isle members on the way to the RRPR safe haven. This fast paced adventure takes you through 25 years of the world: from peace to total chaos. Follow the Hodgins’ triplets as they search for each other, identify their abductors, and try to prevent the world from entering total damnation.

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