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10 Places to Write

As writers, we always have that one nook or cranny that becomes our permanent writing spot. It is there that we feel the most concentrated and inspired to write and create. However, this cozy, familiar kingdom of ours can get rather lonesome. As if throwing a temper-tantrum, our brain decides respond to this unhappy isolation by clogging up our creative gears.

This can't happen.

Don't let your brain win this fight! Instead, don't be afraid to find a new location to serve as your inspiration. There are many other kingdoms to rule as writers, you just have to go and conquer them.

Here is a list of my top ten favorite places to write where the creative juices flow and writing becomes as easy as breathing. (Although, I have asthma so breathing is tough...maybe I should use another analogy.) EDIT: Writing becomes easy.

10. Coffee Shops

The classic writing spot. You always see coffee shops crowded with people and their laptops, diligently typing away. If you're looking for a time out of the house and a good cup o' joe, then find your nearest shop. (Here's a challenge for you, though: don't go to Starbucks. Find a local coffee shop! They provide an even better environment and you're supporting a small business.)

9. Shopping Malls

This is a great place for character inspiration. While you're in a shopping mall, you can get ideas about the people you see, their behaviors, what they like, etc. These can be incorporated into your stories and make your characters more relatable.

8. Public Park

Parks are always nice to be why not work while you're there? Sit on the park bench and be silent for a moment. Listen to the sounds of nature, the clamor of the people passing by. Be inspired and be at peace... unless you could only find a bench next to a noisy playground. Then you might have a little trouble.

7. Automobiles

Believe it or not, I love writing (coming up with ideas) in the car. I get such bursts of inspiration. Just sitting there, doing nothing for an hour or more is enough to write two chapters. The only problem is that most of my inspiration comes while I'm driving...don't write and drive, please. It's not safe.

6. Work

I'm actually at work while I'm writing this section. Something about being at another desk hearing the clicks of an unfamiliar keyboard are a cause for inspiration. Or maybe its also the pressure of being caught every once in a while. Either way, every break you get jot some things down! I always keep a notepad on my desk so when an idea pops into my head when I'm daydreaming, I'm ready. (Don't worry, I'm not actually a bad employee.)

5. Library

The library is great if you need to do some research. All the tools are at your fingertips. Books are your best friends! They'll give you inspiration, advice, and writing help. In the library, not only can you write in quiet but with the comfort that whatever help you need is all around you.

4. Bedroom

When the rain is crashing down outside, there is nothing better than being curled up on your bed under the fuzziest blanket with tea in hand and a laptop on your lap. It's definitely one of the coziest spots. (Although, I am known to fall asleep. Just be warned in case it happens to you too.)

3. Deck

It's summer time, the sun is shining, and the weather feels great. If you don't feel like going anywhere, just sit in the back by the pool (if you have one) and just write. The best part is if you get hungry the kitchen is only a few steps away.

2. Desk

My desk is obviously going to be pretty high on the list. It is my recurring spot and it's where all the magic began. At my desk I have my billion sticky notes, all my supplies, my maps, everything. I can make a mess there and be proud as I work.

1. Church/Adoration

This is my happy place. It is the most peaceful and safe place on the planet. It is there where I'm inspired to write the most beautiful things. (This is actually where most of my poems are written). While you may not be religious, I would still recommend finding a Church where they have Holy Hour and simply sitting in silence with a notebook. Like Shannon Hollinger says in my second book, THE MAINLAND,

"It is only in the silence where we can find the truth. It is only in the silence that we can truly hear."


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