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What I've Been Up To - April 2018

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

So, I know I haven’t been posting a lot on my blog recently, and I apologize to my mom and the few faithful who actually read my posts. (Love you guys by the way <3) But I wanted to let you all know that, yes, I am still alive! I have been busy with school and work that the blog just sits on the shelf collecting dust. However, now is the time for an update!


Seriously? Sara Francis’ gonna be at BookCon? THAT’S AWESOME! … what is BookCon?

Yes, I will be at BookCon 2018 this year selling The Isles and my other new books (featured below). I know some of you must be wondering, what is BookCon? Welp, do you know Comic Con? Most likely. It’s that but for books. Not as much cosplay or graphic novels…sorry.

Regardless, I will be at Booth #1240 at BookCon 2018 located at the Javit’s Center in NYC! For more information and/or to buy tickets, visit the official BookCon site! You can also watch my BookCon 2017 review video to get a taste of what a day at the convention is like.


Children’s books? For real?

Yes, you read that right! I have illustrated and written two children’s books for my new series Adventures of Wobot. The Adventures of Wobot is a children’s picture book series that features the curious little robotic adventurer, Wobot. This series has two main themes: Science and Fairy Tales. Each book is different and each has its own adventure. Whether Wobot is living through an old fairy tale or teaching children about science, he does his best to make learning and reading adventurous! They are available for purchase on Visit Sara Francis’ Wobot Page for more info.


No, way. A new children’s book series and a poetry book? Boy, Sara, you sure have been busy! 

You better believe it. My new poetry book Stardust is a collection of poems, prayers, and thoughts. I wrote most of them during my time spent in Adoration with the Greatest Mystery. Others are quotes from my writings, simple sayings, etc. Nevertheless, they are encouraging and thought provoking. They are meant to cause the reader to reflect on different aspects of life. From prayers to thoughts, each poem has a deeper meaning and a story behind it, but that’s up to you to decipher. (However, if you really wanna know what a poem actually means, you can always ask, ;] ) It will be available on Amazon very soon! Keep checkin Sara Francis’ Stardust page when it becomes available.


You had time to redo your website too? I thought you were still in college!

Indeed I am, good friend. Indeed I am. And practically working full time mind you. (Hence the decrease in blog frequency.) However, I still managed to make time to do all of the above and re-design my website. I, for one, am very proud of it. I suggest you go check it out. ;)


All right, Sara, what else did you do? I’m getting tired of reading now…

Don’t worry, I’m getting there, I promise. I wanted to also let you know that I previously did an event at the young adult Catholic conference, Restore: Origin. I won’t give too many spoilers now because an experience blog will be coming quite soon!

Another upcoming event that I will be at is the St. Therese Classical Academy‘s annual benefit and dinner theater, Secret of the Spoon. The event will be on May 18th, 6:30 PM at 113 Cottage St, Middletown, NY. (Visit its event page for more info) Not only will I be selling my books there, but I am also one of the directors of the play. My students are doing a great job and they are so excited to perform for you all! Tickets are $20 and include dinner and a show! 50/50 and raffle tickets will also be available during the event. All proceeds benefit STCA.


Ta da! See, that wasn’t so bad?

Anyhoo, so that’s just a little bit of what I’ve been up to in terms of my writings and such. I will be back with more short stories, experience posts, and helpful information!

Thank y’all <3


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