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Secretary's Scribbles (Blog) REVAMPED!

Yes, Sara Francis is still alive! I'm sure you are all wondering what I've been up to...more importantly, I am sure you noticed that my blog site looks different! (If you didn't notice, that's okay. I won't be totally offended.) Well, the reason for this is because I have big news...

My blog is being revamped!

Okay, that wasn't much of a surprise because I said it in the title, but I am still super psyched! What I am now doing is CHANGING MY BLOG DOMAIN! *gasp* I am still keeping the Secretary's Scribbles site live but am now transferring my blog to my professional website ( The reason is for SEO and simplicity purposes. I will miss Wordpress dearly but this is for the best.

Now, what else is going to be changed you might ask? Well, along with the website hosting, I am including a variety of NEW topics!

  • Author Answers (Q&A Posts with Sara Francis)

  • Author Interviews

  • Book Reviews

  • Short Stories

  • Updates

  • Book Information

  • Writing Help

This time I promise to be consistent. I am going to post every other Saturday starting with September 15th. Hopefully, these blog posts will be more helpful.

I am super excited to share all this with you! Stay tuned and happy writing!



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