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Will 2020 still be my year?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

When 2020 came, I thought, "This was my year!" Well, I may have thought too soon. January and February came and went, bringing nothing but pain and confusion (those are longer stories). March was the month I anticipated. I just couldn't wait to graduate from college. On March 6th, I graduated as Valedictorian with my Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology. A weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was confident, I was free, and I was ready for anything.

A week later, people in my town started fighting over toilet paper. I definitely wasn't ready for that.

This COVID-19 situation has everyone thrown for a loop. As I watch the news and scroll through social media, it boggles my mind how different people are reacting towards the situation. Some are calm, some indifferent, others are nervous wrecks.

This is a trying time. I'm not going to lie, this "social distancing" has been difficult for us all. We're just waiting and waiting for this crisis to be lifted.

But we need to keep our heads.

Should we take our trials seriously? Of course. However, we need to keep our wits about us. We can't trample each other over toilet paper nor can we sit idly, surrendering to fear (or boredom).

But, what should you do?

"Don't watch the clock. Do what it does: keep going. - Sam Levenson"

You can't give up. No matter what the world throws at you. The clock will tick, and you'll feel like time is going in slow motion. Take deep breaths; go minute by minute. You can do it.

This is how I am hoping to live out the rest of 2020. It didn't start so great, but maybe it will end up being my year. However, that is only possible if I make it possible. No one, nothing else will determine that but me. I encourage you to do the same. Don't let social distancing stop you from enjoying your life. Call up friends, spend time with the family, read good books (ahem *wink*), or even get out into the sunshine. The world is a big place and the weather will get nicer.


With everything being said, I pray you're doing all right and things become better. I understand every situation is different, but my wish is for you to make the best of it. I hope that all is well for you and your loved ones.

- Sara Francis


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