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Book 3 of The Terra Testimonies

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The Order of Xenophon (OX) has won the first battle, but the Resistance won't let them win the war. A spy, a detective, and a Seer are working together to take down the enemy from the inside and out. Will the Resistance win or will humanity fail, falling to its knees? Find out in the gripping, heartbreaking, suspenseful conclusion to “The Terra Testimonies” trilogy!


The remaining Isles members and RRPR Officers return to their Resistance base, The Underground, after the sorrowful Battle of the Isles. The young Isle teens thought things couldn’t get worse until there is word that the Order of Xenophon (OX) completed phase 2 (The Accident) of purifying the world of the unworthy. 

But there is still hope.


Joshua Wolfrum (known as Wolf) is a spy within enemy walls with the purpose of reporting intel to the world’s last resort: the Resistance. His main objective is to identify the leaders and location of OX so the Resistance can make a lethal blow. Officer Shannon Hollinger of RRPR and Commander Yared Prinz of the Isles receive Wolfrum’s intel and pass it on to their Directors who start devising a plan of attack. 

Unfortunately, nothing is ever easy. 

The Order of Xenophon has a few tricks up their sleeves. As Joshua Wolfrum gains the trust of his superiors as his alter ego Wolf, he uncovers more horrors and secrets within the Order. Wolfrum’s strength and will is tested when friends and enemies alike continuously add pressure and demand results. 

Read Joshua Wolfrum’s letters back and forth to Shannon and Yared as they share their horrific and heart rending experiences facing the enemy. Will Wolfrum’s true identity be exposed? Will the Resistance develop a powerful strategy to take down the Order of Xenophon? Or will the enemy complete its objective and succeed in creating a world in their image? Find out in the gripping, heartbreaking, suspenseful conclusion to “The Terra Testimonies” trilogy!

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